The brief: develop a major installation as a public art piece at the central forecourt of the apartment entry, telling the history of the site, and also featuring its mid-twentieth century time as a biscuit factory.

A ‘Wagon Wheel’ concept was born which evolved to a ring and a series of seats positioned around it. They were visually light in their placement, so they framed the space without blocking its view. The ring itself allowed a portal view, so as you entered and exited the apartment building, the screen did not block your path. The combination of imagery and text used as graphics to evidence the history of the site were positioned to move in a clockwork rotation around the ring.

Sculpture design: Nicholas Bray, Lucy Turner and Peter Mueller
Construction: Peter Mueller, JCA Steel, Stuart Newton, Vitra Panel Australia, Josh Miller and Beville Brothers Stonemasons.
Graphic design: Peter Campbell Design
For further information see the Peter Campbell Website: https://www.petercampbell.com.au/content/buried-histories